The owners of the lively tapas bar Carmen welcome its newest family member, the Mercat del Carmen, to Torontonians. The Spanish style market is bringing the tastes of España to the heart of Queen Street West. The newly opened Mercat del Carmen offers Specialty pantry items including Spanish vinegars, conservas (Spanish canned goods and in-house preserves), as well as house-made root chips & tomato sauce, all available for purchase. Grab-and-go items also include Chef Luis Valenzuela’s PATTES, RILLETTES, and SMOKED MEATS. Find unique cheeses and one of the ultimate delights here: the sumptuous JAMON PATA NEGRA – black pig fed with acorns and hazelnuts. Create your own sandwiches with these flavourful ingredients or take any of their ready-made sandwiches that feature St. John’s Bakery bread topped with Serrano ham or salmon and saladas, prepared fresh every day. Coming this Spring to Mercat del Carmen’s evening menu are signature pintxos like BACON-WRAPPED DATES, and famed staples such as ceviches, patatas bravas and mussels. The market will also offer wine, sherries and beer.


The Mercat is your one-stop-shop for fresh produce, sourced locally from markets and 100km foods. Taste the vibrancy of farm-fresh eggs, as well as seasonal vegetables and fruits. Mercat also saves you time on cooking with ready-to-heat meats, which are prepared sous-vide. At home, simply place in a frying pan for 10 minutes and it’s ready to eat. Proteins include chicken, meat, sausage, and seafood.

“Mercat will be the pantry and the fridge of Carmen. We want people to know that the products they take home from us are made to the highest standards, well prepared, and designed to meet their needs.” – Luis Valenzuela Robles Linares


For the sweet-tooths out there, Mercat has a dessert counter to satisfy any craving you have. Features include classic cookies and shortbread to TORTA DE LA ABUELA (Ricotta cake topped with pine nuts) and TOCINO DE CIELO (Creme caramel). Also enjoy authentic hot & fresh CHURROS, tangy GOAT CHEESECAKES, and creamy biscuits ideal for lattes, tea or ice cream.


The market will feature a glass-enclosed bar filled with hot and cold delicacies. Sit down and relax with any of their lattes, long espressos, or boutique coffees. Or try Mercat’s BON BON – a Spanish specialty that features layers of espresso over lush DULCE DE LECHE. Creamy HELADOS are made in-house and have no additives. Make it a triple scoop with Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

“We wanted to create an inviting space where people could unwind with friends and shop for their favourite Spanish products to make at home.” – Veronica Laudes

More than just a market, Mercat del Carmen is a way of life. Retreat into an oasis of deliciousness and relaxation. From pintxos to Spanish imports, step inside paradise without ever having to leave Toronto.

Edited by Taste Toronto.